Why it is important to admit your child in JNV-

When you were younger did you go to school? It may seem like a silly question, but are you surprised to read that over 80 million girls and boys still do not go to school today? Children need to attend school. It is important that every child is at school because this is where new skills are learned for the future. School also teaches children how to socialize, become leaders and gain confidence in their opinions.

First of all, everyone needs to learn new skills in their life. For example, babies need to learn how to crawl before they can walk. Many children attend school to get a good start in life. Every child needs to learn how to read and write so they can become an educated adult.

When we think of the future, most people would like to choose a dream job. For children to get their dream job, children need to work hard and earn good grades in school. The students who attend JNV have greater work opportunities and tend to have skills that can be applied in different work settings. In other words, they have many more employment options in future.

The second reason why it is important to attend school is so that children learn how to socialize with other children. In elementary school, they learn how to make and keep friends. Children learn how to respect peers and adults in school so they can be comfortable speaking, sharing their talents and opinions. Also children learn how to socialize with others from different cultures all over the world. Friendships in the classroom start to create a community. For example, a child makes friends with another child in the classroom and then with another child and so on. These relationships grow into a larger community. This is important because it helps people learn how to get along with others like in a work setting. While children attend school, they learn how to interact and earn respect from all genders and from different cultures. We all have a unique perspective to offer one another. When these different children work together in the classroom, on homework or project assignments, it offers them the opportunity to learn from each other academically and socially. Research says students with a college education tend to exercise more and get more involved with sports and other social activities. When people accomplish higher education through attending schooling, many of the social interactions provide higher self-esteem and more independence. They are more likely to be excellent problem solvers and can better handle day-to-day decisions in their life.

Finally, children attend school and learn to become leaders and have confidence in their opinion. Everyone has an opinion, and that opinion matters. It is important for children to know what they believe in and are able to share their thoughts with others. Some studies indicate when children have the chance to interact daily (like at school) they become more confident in sharing their opinions and ideas. This environment creates collaboration and helps develop confidence in the students so they feel more at ease sharing their opinions in any setting and allows them to do well at college and beyond as leaders. Another study shows there is some kind of connection between self-confidence levels from as early as kindergarten schooling and their accomplishments in the workplace as adults. All of these skills build confidence in your opinion and allow for a child to become a great leader.

These are just a few reasons why every child should attend school-

  • Every child that goes to school should be very thankful, grateful, and appreciate this wonderful opportunity.
  • It is very important because children learn new skills for the future, how to socialize, and how to become a leader and gain confidence in their opinion.
  • So the next time you say school is boring, think of all the children in the world who do not or cannot get a good education.
  • Therefore, we would like to wish parents to apply to get admission in JNV and to build bright future of your child.
  • For detail of admission procedure please Click here


    Nelson Mandela (a former South African leader) once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” Do you agree with Nelson Mandela? Do you want an opportunity to change the world? We know you do.

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