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Organization of house system in JNV:

The efficient management of a residential school depends upon the quality of the House system functioning in a school. A House consists of group of children effectively led by responsible teacher (House Masters) who acts as a parent, guide, philosopher and friend for every member of the House. A House inherently provides a family atmosphere in making the child physically fit, socially adjusted, emotionally balanced and morally upright. The objective of adopting House system in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya are to : Provide a smooth transition from home life to school life. Develop situations, which fulfill the social and emotional needs of the children. Help socialization of pupils to integrate themselves well in to corporate life. Prepare pupils to play different kinds of roles as members of a group, community or society. Develop child's personality and integrity. Develop the sprit of healthy competition among the children. Includes the qualities of self-dignity, self-confidence and respect for others' views and opinions and take their own decisions on issues and problems at hand. Develop a sense of belongingness among he pupils and to create a sense of desire to live in harmony. Benefit by bright example of others and benefit others by his own example. Inculcate in the child respect for seniors, elders, teachers and and a caring attitude towards juniors and fraternity towards all. Learn to life work endure and enjoy together and develop a degree of sensitivity for other feelings and needs. read more...

Normally, senior teachers are given the appointment of the House masters / Associate House masters, preferably, a PGT should be House master of senior house. As far as possible, Art, Music, PE, SUPW teachers and Librarian / Nurse may not given the responsibilities of House mastership since they are commonly attached to all Houses for the conduct of Inter House activities.


A residential school system revolves around the personality, capability and effectiveness of the House master. A House master is a leader of the House. He/she should be able to motivate and guide all the children placed under his/her care. He/she has to ensure that children of his/her house participate in all inter-house activities and also do well. He/she is responsible for over-all welfare of all the children in his/her house. Preferably, House masters may be rotated after 4-5 years so that other talented members of academic staff may get opportunity to look after the welfare of the children.

In a house system, House master is assisted by an associated house master and by other teachers (called tutors) attached to his/her house. They should provide assistance to House master and carry out all house related responsibilities assigned to them by their House master.


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